How it works

Subscription Instructions to Learning How To Trade Cryptos Genuinely by Yourself:

Step 1: Get a Subscription Membership by following this link:


Step 2: Enter your username, email and names.


Step 3: Under ‘SELECT PAYMENT METHOD’ choose ‘Manual/Offline’ unless if you have PAYPAL ACCOUNT.


Step 4: Then click ‘Register’.


Step 5: Click the following link to check if your account is Active and Login details might be required:


Step 6: Pay your Subscription Fee of R600 using the following link:


Step 7: Once the payment is successful, your account will be activated:


Step 8: To start the Crypto Guide Program, click the following link:


Please note that if you come across any challenge/error amongst these steps; and for more info please email or WhatsApp +27815039217